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Within just of a handful of shorter months really very maybe quite most likely probably essentially the most progressive GPS geofencing marketing video monitoring approach any time invented will most likely begin and, nevertheless you might even see, all checking models typically are certainly not designed completely the equal. The Garmin GTU 10 is backed from the regularity and electrical electrical energy out of your AT&T wireless network and offers features not found in other models on the market today.

The ability to monitor and locate aging parents, young children, as well as Alzheimer’s victims, your boat, ones own automobile or company machinery is unrivaled using the Garmin GTU 10. We investigated quite carefully other similar services and everything else was more expensive, not waterproof, had increased longer term costs of operation, or were not as sturdy – Garmin employs rugged IPX7 standards – so the product endures concrete drop tests and is also waterproof.

A number of GPS tracking products are in the marketplace today but absolutely none of these come close to corresponding to the durability and simplicity of use out of your GTU 10. The rechargeable energy supply, watertight construction and network dependability is second to none. The actual longer term expenses are far under competing products, plus the initial calendar year of network service costs nothing, nevertheless several rivals cost $150 each year. Subsequent one year periods, following the free year, are merely $49.99.

The wide ranging applications for GPS location gadgets are endless and they provide a completely new level of piece of mind when it comes to understanding exactly where one of by far one of quite possibly the most significant people and property are located in your daily life. Walkers, backpackers, high mountain adventurers, adventure race competitors, aging loved ones, young children, dogs, business vehicle fleet and machines, your boat, as well as your car, are a partial number of those things you might utilize this system for.

The population of people older than 80 is exploding within just the U.S. and many suffer from forgetfulness as well as Alzheimers disease. The Garmin GTU ten only weighs in at 1.7 ounces and can affix to belt loops, so locating the ones you love is immediate. Should they break by way of the perimeter you set up, it immediately communicates a text message to any iPhone, Droid or personal computer, so it’s possible you’ll take suitable steps to insure their safety.

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